Tuesday, 12 October 2010

v1.14 Released

Hoping this is going to fix some Force Close problems, also includes some remote debugging. Please let me know if you're still getting Force Close on startup.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

British Hills 1.13

Sudden flurry of installations this morning. Not the nicest weather for it...

1.13 just adds an SD card not available warning. As internal memory on many phones is limited the database is expanded on to "external storage" when first ran. In older phones this will be a micro SD card, some modern phones have built in external storage (e.g. Galaxy S has 8-16GB onboard "external storage"). If anyone is getting this error, or any other force closures please tell me what phone model you're using.

British Hills 1.12 released

1.12 is a maintenance release, most of the changes are behind the scenes. When you run for the first time you'll see an "Initializing Database" message which will last a few seconds. This is because I'm no longer packing the whole database in the application, instead it's constructed on first run. The advantage in doing this is a massive reduction in download size (and hence space required on your phone - 608KB versus over 5MB!) which should help out those of you who aren't yet on Android 2.2...

The other advantages to this are that it makes it much easier for me to upgrade the database without overwriting user data (which is coming in British Hills Pro - stay tuned!), as I'll be updating the main hills database whenever Chris et al. put out a new version.

There is one new bonus featurette - updating the database has fixed a bug in the original tables that didn't let me use the "Hill Bagger" site for OS map/info - this site is quicker to load and gives you lots of useful information on each hill including user comments. Access is from the menu button on the Hill Detail screen as before.