Saturday, 8 January 2011

British Hills version 1.25 - Backup and Restore

The new 1.25 release lets you backup your list of "Bagged" hills to your sd card, and restore from this file or similar. The CSV file that is used has a very simple format - so if you already have a huge list of Bagged Hills, and you already store the British Hills Database id for those hills, it's pretty simple to produce a CSV file that you can restore into the British Hills app.

The CSV file format is as follows:

Hill id,Date Climbed [YYYY-MM-DD],Notes

Note each field should be surrounded by single quotes, e.g.:

'1','2010-5-20','Hill Fog'
'2','2008-3-14','Lost my packed lunch'
'3','2009-6-20','Weather changed. Broke arm in scramble'

If there are any other particular formats that you would like me to be able to import, let me know and I'll have a look.

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