British Hills

British Hills is an application for Android phones (and tablets), Android 1.6 and above. Within it is contained information from the Database of British Hills maintained by Chris Crocker and an editorial team of 6 at the site Statistical Topics in Hillwalking. Thanks to everyone there for permission to use the database.

Example Lists

The main screen allows you to pick hill lists by country. Where some of the larger hill lists span more than one country (e.g. Marilyns) I have split them so you can see only those hills in that country. If you want to see the full list select "Other GB Hills".

"Nearby Hills" will use your cell towers and your phones GPS to get an approximate location and will default to showing you hills within 10 miles.

On this screen you can also press the menu key to bring up a search box (search across entire database) or to change preferences (toggle between imperial and metric heights and distances).

Clicking on a country will bring up a list of the hill types for that country, e.g. for Scotland. Select a hill type to bring up a list of that type.
On the Hill List Screen you can scroll through the list or press the Menu button.

Menu Options:
  • Search (this list)
  • Display by Height
  • Display Alphabetically
  • Display on a Google Map
Select any hill to bring up it's details page.

    Hill Details